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Ceramics Masterclass – Thames & Hudson

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Ceramics Masterclass – Thames & Hudson


Ceramics Masterclass is an indispensable introduction to the rich history and practice of ceramics. It examines 100 of the most beautiful and inventive artworks by the world’s greatest artists, exploring the way they were made, what they do well, and how and what we can learn from them. By following this book’s detailed analyses and instructive creative tips, you will learn how to command functional forms like Bernard Leach, sculpt lively works of art like Pablo Picasso and experiment with material like Takuro Kuwata.

Very proud to be included in this roll call of 100 ceramic artists by Lousia Taylor, published by Thames & Hudson.

Fantastic book with amazing artists, I have a little bit of imposter syndrome – will have to make some new and more exciting work to keep up!