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Tremen commission St. Austell

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Tremen Comission; St. Austell, Cornwall


At the end of 2019 I was awarded the Tremen commission St. Austell to redesign a passageway to the main high street. I proposed my modular 3D, Geometric tiles that tesselate with themselves to form regular patterns and simultaneously in infinitely random patterns for the installation.

The inital designs were fairly ambitious within the available Tremen commission St. Austell budget. The current plan is to install mirror stainless steel cladding to the ceiling in order to maximise the sense of space. Tiled cladding installation to both side walls and LED track lights in parallel to the top of the walls.

Tremen commission St. Austell install completed Sept 2020, rendering and or painting TBC.

Mirror steel cladding installed by

Lighting installed by

Installation of cladding acheived with Power Grab n Bond a revolutionary product in the field of heavy-duty versatile bonding.

Tremen Commission, St Austell 2020.
Tremen Commission, St Austell 2020.
Matt Davis Digital Ceramics

Digital Handmade

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This is the ‘Lo-res’ vessel that started this new journey for me. I’m still finding resistance to this work, despite that the medium is bone china & it’s a handcrafted, slip-cast object.

People are still saying to me oh I’m not sure about the 3dprinting… well this isn’t a physically printed object, but one of the tools to make it was. If there is an adversion to technology then maybe we should only be using kick wheels and wood fired kilns?

The digital design and production used here is but part of a process that backs up a concept, it’s meta_functional / non-utilitarian craft to me. Roland Barthes wrote about the Death of the Author, so if you buy a piece of my work and put flowers in it that’s up to you.

That said, this work doesn’t just ‘pop out’ of a machine; it takes weeks to make one of these pieces and, as time is the only truly precious commodity we have, thanks for yours!